March 16, 2024

  • The website has switched hosts to a proper VPS! This changes nothing on the website itself, but I am now fully managing the server that the website is hosted on
  • (Affected text on the Q&A page has been changed to reflect this)
  • Added a 404 page - how do you access it? Find out yourself...
  • Fixed some minor wording on the Links Page
  • Removed a stray character on every page that showed up when I added the little "external" icons to links in the last update (I did this because it was tripping up my editor...)
The switch to a VPS is supposed to help me with managing the website's backend, so any differences here probably won't be apparent for now.

February 18, 2024

It's somewhat big this time!
  • New blog! Accessible via
  • The blog replaces the Commento widget that was previously accesible from the main page, which has been removed
  • Moved Twitter link on the links page to the bottom and added note that it's now unused
Things are probably broken somewhere and I won't notice until weeks later...

January 17, 2024

Just some minor changes!
  • Added my general bio from social media to the main page
  • Fixed a typo here on the update page where I accidentally typed "Commentio" instead of "Commento"

December 13, 2023

  • Replaced Cohost embed with Commento widget! You can leave your own comments on the website now.

November 24, 2023

  • Added link to Retrospring on the links page
  • Updated the tab title for the main page so it looks nicer (and doesn't look weird on Neocities)
  • Changed some wording on the Q&A page to be less time-relative

October 9, 2023

  • Created a new profile on Cohost for rambling and embedded it on the main page
  • Created this update page! Surely I'll be consistent with it...

September 18, 2023

  • Initial website release!
  • or more like the release of the Neocities website in particular
  • or rather I announced that it's live
  • I don't actually know when it went live for sure because of shenanigans
  • I swear I'll put more here soon...