This is where I attempt to answer some additional questions about myself... though you can simply browse this if you're just curious as well.

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How did you make this website?

Completely wrote it from scratch. No website builder, no conversion tools, none of that.
Instead, I used this!

Screenshot of the Pulsar editor

This is a FOSS (free open source software) program called Pulsar! It kind of works like a souped up version of Notepad(++) and has its own advantages and disadvantages. It's based off of Atom, which was developed by GitHub, but discontinued back in December 2022.

The screenshot you see here is my own instance of Pulsar with a different theme and a bunch of plugins. It's my go-to text editor for when I need to edit larger (configuration) files, for longer editing sessions, or for working on projects such as this website.

Otherwise, I prefer Notepad++ for quick editing! Pulsar takes very long for me to boot up due to all the plugins I have installed, so if I just need to quickly edit a small thing, I use Notepad++ instead.

As for the resources I've used to actually figure out how to write HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), I've used for general references and MDN Web Docs to look up the majority of HTML/CSS tags and how to use them.

Next, I'm using Caddy and a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to actually host the website. Both require a bit of manual setup and technical knowledge, but if you already have HTML files ready to be served and got everything set up how you want it to, it's as easy as drag-and-drop to upload and view files.

For domain registrations (such as, I suggest using OrangeWebsite. Registering your own domain usually requires you to enter your real name and home address... with OrangeWebsite, that's not needed. Yay for privacy!

Fonts count as resources too, right? The primary one is Kodchasan, which I've used for my general writing on this website. The pixel font is called Press Start 2P, and the font I've used for the link buttons on my link page is called Fredoka One.

Finally, thanks to ZaptorZap for listening to me several days straight complain about why my HTML/CSS and my VPS don't work. He also helped me with building the site.

How did you even get

This is an interesting one! Back in July of 2023, I learned about domain hacks, which is kind of what sites like used. So, I quickly researched which domain hack I could use for my name, and then looked through the WHOIS database on whether was available.

Sure enough, it was! a redemption period.
(Oddly enough, the domain was owned by TeamViewer at the time. Yes, THAT TeamViewer! Try going to!)

Not a problem, though! Redemption period just meant I have to wait... a whole month.

Still not a problem! The month has passed, and eventually the domain was put into the "pending delete" state. This meant that it would be up for grabs very soon!
But with the pending delete, I was getting nervous. What if someone would grab it before I did?

I checked the domain availability every day, and then eventually the WHOIS search said it wasn't registered. It was my time to get it!

Unfortunately, the registrar I wanted to use didn't have their WHOIS records updated yet. I already thought someone might have nabbed the domain before I was able to, and I didn't want to try it with my previous registrar, since I already deleted my account on it...

What I did instead was find myself a new one. The website itself looked kinda sketchy, and I still had to enter my address information, but all I cared about in the moment was to get that domain - future me will have to worry about any problems later.
However, was, in fact, still available!

I did my payment and... waited.

The registration itself took longer than I was comfortable with. Granted, it was the weekend at the time, but I was still nervous. For a while, I even thought I might've gotten scammed.

I did eventually received an email from customer support which said I had to update my phone number because it was invalid. "That's weird", I thought to myself, "that's the only number I have". The email was written in partially broken English as well, but I did check the registrar beforehand - it was a trusted service that worked.

But after I manually changed up the formatting on my number, customer support proceeded to actually register the domain. Finally, it was mine!

...and during the meantime, I realized the registrar I wanted to use initially recognized as available, after I've already paid for it on the new registrar.

You're cool! Can we be friends??

I'm flattered you enjoy the dumb things I have to say, but I generally don't befriend people on a whim. It takes a lot of warming up for me, and there's some personalities I just don't vibe with at all.
Generally, I try to keep an open mind, but I hate it when someone's being pushy. It can really ruin my impression of them.

If you really do want to be friends with me, take it slow! I prefer occasional chatter about things that interest me over constantly providing attention. The more of your interests match with mine, the easier it will be for me to get along with you.
You've got plenty of options to reach me over on my link page - some faster, some slower, but I'll get to your message eventually.

Hey, aren't you that guy who did [bad thing]?

Yeah, I probably am. But that happened (many) years ago.

I won't delve too deep into my past asshole-ish behavior (mostly because I want to move away from it), but if you know me from being disrespectful, selfish, power-hungry, unfair or downright disgusting, then yeah, that's probably me... from a time in the past.
Know that you're not obligated to interact with me and I'm okay with that. I'll leave you alone if you want me to. Just don't send hate my way and we won't have any problems.

If that's not what you know me for, then great! Or not, depending on how you look at things. I just don't support cancel culture, and I prefer not to be part of it, either.