I'm a 24-year old cis male from Germany - bisexual and demiromantic - and my birthday is February 12th.
So really, just a random person on the internet, probably just like you.

Most people simply call me Blizz, and some call me Blizzy. I'm fine with both!
My friends call me by my real name Dennis. Only my friends, though!
And sometimes I jokingly get called Blizzard, because why not.

If you've heard of the name "Blaui" or "PuffballBlaui" before, that's me!
I changed my name back in April 2022.

Why's that?


I primarily like to play video games! Whether they're action-based shooters, challenging my brain with puzzles, good old platformers, or even just classic retro games, I pretty much enjoy them all!
As long as they're not MOBAs or MMORPGs, at least...

Some of my favorite games include:

* specifically Java with mods!

And there's still many, many other games I enjoy...
Generally, though, if it's an indie game with unique mechanics,
chances are I'm going to like it!

Oh right, I almost forgot to mention Tetris! I'm really good at it. You'll usually see me playing either Tetris Effect or TETR.IO.
Rarely, I also play Puyo Puyo Tetris (2) or Tetris 99 as well.

Outside of video games, I honestly don't have a lot of interests...
I do enjoy occasionally cooking, drawing and writing, though! With writing in particular, I do more roleplay than actual story writing.
I have characters, by the way! You can find some of them on my Toyhouse.
(Yeah, did I mention I love original characters? Especially so if they're cute! Not really original, but Kirby is one of those characters that I love. He's got a special place in my heart...)

If we're talking themes or topics, I like space, philosophy and the middle ages - I'm a big fantasy fan! Not so much sci-fi or anything else, but there's exceptions.
Generally, I'm open to talk about most topics! Even politics.
And if you want to know about computers, consoles or internet security and privacy, you can ask me! I'm notoriously known as the tech support guy under my family and friends.

If we're talking other media, I tend to watch YouTube while I do other things on the side. I'm not usually the kind of person to invest time in movies or series, but I did watch the entirety of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul! If you haven't seen them yet, I think you should, they're great.